Premium Quality Light Weight Selectable Gallonage Nozzle

  • Versatile Low Weight Selectable Flow Nozzles
  • UL Listed Version Available for the 1 1/2” VA 3012 nozzle and EN 15182-4 Type 3 Certified for VA 1562
  • Patented Rylstatic System for an Exceptional Fog Pattern - Maintenance Free
  • Designed & Built to Meet NFPA 1964 & UNE EN 15182-2 Type 3 Requirements

Featuring the Innovative Rylstatic® System - The Latest Patented Technology from Tipsa.

Flow Settings:

The flow rate can be set through an easy grip ring featuring preset positions. The flow ring has a raised lug to identify the maximum flow setting in low visibility conditions. The FLUSH mode is used to ensure that any debris is flushed from the nozzle to avoid pattern disruptions or flow reductions. All the models include a pressure eliminator for ease of flow settings at different pressures.

Stream Pattern:

The nozzle stream is adjusted by rotating the bum- per giving the firefighter the widest fog pattern (Full Fog – Protection) to the narrowest fog pattern (Narrow Fog and Straight Stream). The bumper has a raised lug to identify the Narrow Fog in low visibility conditions. The VIPER ATTACK series comes standard with the innovative patented fog pattern called RYLSTATIC®. RYLSTATIC® is a system that gives you a uniform water fog with smaller water droplets and less friction loss than other traditional systems. VIPER ATTACK nozzles have been de- signed to offer a broader fog shield of protection to the firefighters.

Fog pattern options: TheVIPER ATTACK nozzle includes by default the RYLSTATIC® system. It can also include the DUAL system on request, which combines the RYLSTATIC® system with the rotating turbine.

Shut Off Valve:

The valve has a dual seat and dual driven shaft to offer better performance against water hammers and to enhance its durability. The valve itself is a low maintenance product with a stainless steel ball valve operated through an OPEN/CLOSE handle. The operation is smooth and constant allowing firefighters to open and close the valve easily.

Stainless Steel Inlet Screen:

A stainless steel screen is mounted within the inlet to prevent materials from entering the nozzle, which reduces the risk of damage or failure during opera on.

Ring Markings:

Markings on the flow selector ring and the pattern ring are laser engraved onto anodized aluminum that are easy to read and will not fade.

Lot Number:

Every nozzle is marked with a lot number before leaving the factory. This number can be used for traceability purposes.

Inlet Options:

The VIPER ATTACK® selectable flow nozzles are available with the following standard threads:

· NST/NH Female
· NPSH/IPT Female
· BSP Female

The VIPER ATTACK nozzles are available upon request with the following couplings: STORZ, BARCELONA UNE 23400, DSP/GUILLEMIN, UNI, NOR and GOST.

The swivel inlet allows the nozzle to rotate continuously while connected to the supply hose.


The VIPER ATTACK® nozzle can be used as an aspirating foam nozzle with the addition of the optional foam tube. The nozzle works well with pre-mixed solutions or with inline eductors.

Approvals and Standards :

The VIPER ATTACK® nozzle complies with NFPA 1964 and is manufactured in an ISO9001 accredited facility. EN15182-1 & EN15182-2 type 3 Certificate available by request.

Service and Maintenance:

The VIPER ATTACK® nozzle requires minimal maintenance during operation provided the unit is regularly flushed with clean water after being used with foam or contaminated water. Service kits are also available.