Highly Efficient Extruded Rubber Lay Flat Hose

  • Specially Designed for Water Transfer and as a Main Feeding Line in Agriculture
  • Fast Deployment and Retrieval
  • High Pressure, Lightweight and Flexible
  • OROFLEX Series, The Market Leader in Rubber Lay Flat Hose


Blue cover is the standard. 


Designed and recommended for water transfer and as a main feeding line in agri- culture. Ideal for general pumping duties in irrigation, mining, construction, sewa- ge, draining systems and water bypass operations.


Made from circularly woven 100% high te- nacity synthetic yarn, completely protec- ted and locked-in by tough, highly resistant synthetic nitrile rubber & PVC blend extru- ded through the weave and forming a single homogenous construction without the use of glues or adhesives.

Lining Properties:

a. Ultimate Tensile Strength of the lining: Minimum guaranteed value of 1,500 psi (10,500 kPa).
b. Ultimate Elongation: 400% minimum.
c. Accelerated Aging Test: The tensile strength and ultimate elonga- tion of the vulcanized rubber compound have been tested with oxygen at a pressure of 300 psi +/- 10 psi (2100 kPa +/- 70 kPa), and a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius +/-1 degree (158 oF +/- 18 oF) for a period of 96 hours, after which the properties of the rubber are at least 60% of the original values.

Abrasion Resistance:

The OROFLEX FLOW hose will extend the lifetime of your application when under extreme conditions, where abrasion is the main concern. Abrasion resistance > 2000 cycles.

Service Temperature Range:

-4oF (-20oC) to 176oF (80oC). Special ver- sions for higher and lower temperatures available upon request.

Ozone Resistance:

No visible signs of cracking appear on the lining or cover when tested in ac- cordance with ASTM D518 Procedure B, 100pphm/104oF (40oC).

Chemical Resistance:

Exposure to seawater and contamination by most chemical substances, hydrocar- bons, oils, and greases has no effect on the short or long term performance of the hose. A chemical resistance chart is available and TIPSA will supply specific chemical resistan- ce data when requested by the purchaser for unique applications.


Standard 330ft (100m) and 660ft (200m).


As requested by purchaser; Camlock, Bauer, Perrot, Victaulic, Storz, etc.